Nelson & Tasman Bay

Enjoy a scenic dive in the stunning Glenduan Marine Reserve (Horoirangi), just half an hour from Port Nelson. Explore the natural beauty of Nelson's famous Boulder Bank and marvel at the large cliffs leading around to Cable Bay.

Abel Tasman National Park

Adventure, excitement and an experience not to be forgotton are all within easy reach of Nelson, with only an hour seperating you from the picturesque underwater landscape of the Abel Tasman and Tonga Island Marine Reserve.

Marlborough Sounds & D'Urville Island

Dive for paua, spear fish and crayfish throughout the best spots in the Marlborough Sounds and around D'Urville Island, or dredge and dive for scallops between July and February for a great dinner feast.

Dive Into Nelson's Natural Beauty

There are plenty of opportunities for a keen diver around the Nelson region, and we only dive in the best spots including Tasman Bay, D'Urville Island, the Abel Tasman, Glenduan Marine Reserve and the outer Marlborough Sounds. Tasman Charters can accommodate for 10 drivers and 20 bottles per trip, and our boat features a large fishing and diving platform.

Scuba Diving

Go diving for crayfish, paua, scallops or spear fish around some incredible local areas including the Marlborough Sounds and D'Urville Island. Or simply enjoy the scenery with picturesque dives in two established marine reserves, the Glenduan and Tonga Island. All diving gear can be organised for those who require it.

A minimum of 10 people are required for full-day or half-day charters.

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